Residential Air Conditioning and Heating In Apple Valley, Victorville, and Hesperia, CA and the Surrounding Areas

Provides Basic Servicing, Repair and Replacement on Heating & Air Conditioner in Apple Valley Units, Evaporative Cooling Units, and Wall Heater’s, Air Purification Damper for Ducting , and Air Balancing. Day and Night Elite Dealer As we are already in the middle of the summer season, it has become nearly impossible to live without air conditioners. However, your AC needs to be in perfect condition to provide fresh and cool air.  Masco & Sons bring to you one of the many air conditioning services in Apple Valley, CA, for your HVAC systems. 

AC Service Includes

AC Tune-Up

Cleaning the air filters and condensate coils, inspecting the internal parts of the HVAC system, and ensuring better air conditioning efficiency are all part of an air conditioning tune-up. An HVAC tune-up is an essential service as it makes sure your AC is in its best condition. 

AC Repair

It is quite natural for an HVAC to undergo some damage over the years. However, it is essential to deal with these damages on time to prevent severe damage. Our air conditioning repair in Apple Valley ensure that no damage goes unnoticed.  If you want your AC to function better even after many years, it is essential to get it repaired on time. 

Air Quality Check

An air conditioner is responsible for more than just providing cool air. It also purifies the polluted air in the rooms. When an air filter is dirty or damaged, the air quality of the rooms gets compromised.  Hence, to this, a regular air quality check is essential. Keeping all pollutants out of your room prevents them from worsening your allergies. 

AC Installation 

If you recently have moved into a new place or have bought a new HVAC unit, make sure you install your AC correctly. An AC installation is an initial step and is also an essential one.

Overall Inspection

Lastly, we offer you an overall inspection of your AC. It involves checking the performance of the AC throughout the months. It is a significant step for keeping your HVAC system away from extravagant expenses and damages.  Want to get your HVAC unit repaired? Contact us for the best air conditioning and heating services in Apple Valley, CA At Masco & Sons, We offer heating installation in Apple Valley, CA at an unbeatable cost. Our main motive only is customer satisfaction.