10 Signs That You Need To Schedule A Heating Repair

The leaves are changing color and falling off the trees, the days are getting shorter, and the nights are getting longer and colder. This means it’s time to start considering turning on your heater. But before you do, ensure that your heater is in quality working condition. If your heater is not in top condition, then Masco & Sons is there to provide you with heating services in Apple Valley, CA.

Here are 10 signs that you may need heater repair:

  1. Energy bills are higher: If your energy bills have been gradually increasing over the past few months, it could be a sign that your heater is not working as efficiently as it used to.
  2. Strange noises: If your heater is making strange noises, such as banging, or hissing, it could be a sign that something is wrong with the unit. These noises could indicate a problem with the burner or the blower motor.
  3. Home is not as warm as it used to be: If you notice that your home is not as warm as it used to be, even when you have the thermostat set to the same temperature, it could be a sign that your heater needs to be repaired.
  4. Cycling on and off more than usual: If your heater is turning on and off more frequently than it used to, it could be a sign that the thermostat is not working smoothly or that there is a problem with the limit switch.
  5. The pilot light is yellow or red: If you have a gas furnace, the pilot light should be blue. If it’s yellow or red, it’s a sign that there is too much air in the combustion chamber and needs to be repaired by a technician.
  6. There’s water around the furnace: If you notice water leaking from the furnace or puddles of water around the unit, it could be a sign of a cracked heat exchanger, which needs to be repaired as fast as possible.
  7. The furnace is more than 15 years old: If your furnace is over 15 years old, it’s probably time to start shopping for a new one. Older furnaces are less efficient and more likely to break down.
  8. The blower continues to run after the furnace has shut off: If the blower motor continues to run after the furnace has shut off, it could be a sign that the limit switch needs to be replaced.
  9. You can smell something burning: If you notice a burning smell when the furnace is on, it could be a sign of an overheated motor or an electrical problem.
  10. The furnace doesn’t turn on: If your furnace doesn’t turn on at all, it could be due to a power outage. If a power outage is not the problem, then it’s probably an issue with the furnace itself, and you’ll need to call a technician.

If you notice any problems with your heater, call Masco & Sons for heater repair in Apple Valley, CA, as soon as possible.

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