7 Causes Of Furnace Water Leaks & How To Fix It

When a furnace leaks, it can be quite irritating. There are some early signs that you can identify yourself, before a complete breakdown of the system. In most cases, you may need to call a professional.

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As a homeowner, you are responsible for keeping your home appliance system in better condition. Furnace leakage problems are common, but if you do not attend to them as early as possible, you may have to opt for a heating system replacement. Learning the causes and how to fix the issues can benefit your system.

Seven Causes Of The Furnace Water Leak And How To Resolve The Issues

Clogged Condensate Drain Pipe

You might face a water leakage issue if you have a high-efficiency furnace system at home. High-efficiency furnace condensates, and that is drained away by a condensate line or drain hose generally. If this essential line gets clogged, you will find the furnace base in water.

You can prevent this problem by clearing the obstruction. According to our expert furnace service in Apple Valley, CA, you can refer to the manual book to do the job.

Unclean Air Filters

In most cases, it is seen that unclean air filters cause water leaks. According to the heating services professionals in Apple Valley, CA, these air filters provide more to us than cleaning our indoor air. The air filters ensure that the furnace can work flawlessly.

If the filters get filled with dirt and debris over time, the entire furnace operation is hindered, and the coils will start to freeze. In turn, such a condition leads to a furnace leak. You can clean the filters on your own. However, if it is about replacement, you may seek expert help.

Unresponsive Humidifier

The humidifier is a component that allows humidity to warm air produced by the furnace. In this operation, the system takes the help of water. If anything goes wrong, you will find your furnace leaking water. You can fix the problem with a routine maintenance service.

Broken-Down Heat Exchanger

A high-efficiency furnace comprises a primary and secondary heat exchanger. The combustion gradually moves from the primary heat exchanger to the second one, and that is where much of the gas is released and, as a result, forms water vapors.

If the issue lies with the secondary heat exchanger, you should immediately call us for furnace repair in Apple Valley, CA. You may even need to replace the heating system at this point.

Condensate Pump Malfunctioning

Many heating systems use a condensate pump to push condensation to the drain. The pump is connected to the PVC drain pipe and gradually drains away water from the unit. At this point, if the pump breaks down, the unit will overflow. Therefore, you should not approach the problem alone and instead wait for our professional’s arrival.

Exhaust Pipe Misalignment

The exhaust pipe is designed to carry naturally produced gases to the outside. Many times, these do not get outside on time due to the misalignment of the exhaust pipe. At this point, the gases cool down and condense. You can contact Masco & Sons for heating service in Apple Valley, CA, to fix the problem.

Damaged Drain Pan

If the drain pan gets damaged, a water leak becomes inevitable. You can clean the drain pan and inspect whether the water overflows. If the problem continues, you can seek our expert’s help.


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