AC Not Maintaining Set Temperature

Imagine you got home from work early on a hot summer day and have planned to take the evening off and chill in your own space only to find out your Air Conditioner is not running at the set temperature. That would be a situation you wouldn’t even wish upon your worst enemy. To avoid such difficulties, let us help you figure out what the problem is with your Air Conditioner and if you can fix it on your own or need to contact a professional for your air conditioning repair Apple Valley CA, Fontana.
  • A dysfunctional fan: There is a direct connection between the fan and the furnace. Because the furnace pumps hot air, it should be checked to ensure that the thermostat is working correctly or not. For this, you can take precautions to switch off the fan after a couple of minutes after turning the furnace off. Not paying attention to this simple step will cause an imbalance in the thermostat as the fan keeps pumping cold air
  • Take a look at the thermostat: This is one of the most important steps while troubleshooting your Air Conditioner device. Examine your thermostat settings and make sure that the temperature is set below the temperature range outside while the fan is set at auto. There are possibilities that you haven’t set these temperatures right, or someone changed the settings. 
  • Check your Air filter: A faulty air filter will cause many problems to your Air Conditioner, like triggering short cycles, forming ice in the device, and even stresses out the system to decrease the device’s efficiency. Invest in a good quality air filter and keep changing it frequently to make the device more reliable. Our top-notch service of air conditioner Apple Valley CA will give you an incredible feeling of having the best comfort and HVAC quality.
  • Leaks in the device: Problems such as water leaks, system overheating, and over freezing result from a lack of adequate refrigerant. You might see the system work for a while though it will not cool down the temperature at all. For this problem, you might have to contact an expert for air conditioning repair in Fontana.
  • A broken thermostat: The lifetime of a good thermostat is around ten years. If you have checked all your thermostat settings and still the device is not working correctly, there are chances that the thermostat itself got old or is broken. Schedule a visit with the professional to fix this problem.
  • A tripped breaker: The second most important thing to check after the thermostat is the breaker panel. Check if your beaker that covers your AC is tripped; if yes, reset it. There are not many cases when this happens. If you find yourself in this situation more than twice, it is time for you to call for electrical service or repair service.   
These tips should help your air conditioner to set at a fixed temperature. If you find any other problems or cannot solve any of these troubleshooting steps on your own, contact Masco Sons at 760-953-0383 to schedule a service for all your air conditioning repair Apple Valley CA, Fontana.