How do You Figure Out What Size HVAC Your Residence Needs?

Do you wonder why your AC or heater frequently switches on and off on its own or needs frequent repairs? Well you may have chosen the wrong size of HVAC system for your house. The wrong unit size will give you nothing but unnecessary AC or furnace repair in Apple Valley, CA. If you are about to install a new HVAC system, let us guide you on the HVAC size you will need for your residence.

Consider Three Things Before Choosing the Correct HVAC Size. 

Size of the Room: 

Many of us think that a bigger size will improve airflow. Too-large HVAC systems will cool or heat the room quickly, but short cycling will trouble you a lot, further leading to wear and tear. 

A small size will take a long time to provide you with a favorable temperature, and constantly running can damage the system. The size of the HVAC system is measured in tons. 

Different tons have various cooling or heating capacities that are BTU. Measure the size of your room, and multiply the size by 25 BTU as 25 BTU is efficient to cool or heat one sq. ft.

Cooling or Heating Capacity:

The efficiency of HVAC is measured by BTU. It has been given above how you can calculate the BTU capacity your room requires according to its size. 

If your room is 500 sq. ft., multiply it by 25 BTU. The cooling or heating capacity you will need is 12,500 BTU, or the minimum capacity your HVAC should have is 12000 BTU.

Height of the Ceiling:

You need to calculate the height of the ceiling. The higher the room ceiling is, the larger the HVAC size you will need. The ceiling height will determine the duration your AC or heater may require to provide the desired airflow.

 If you still find it difficult as well as confusing to choose the accurate HVAC size for your room, connect with Masco and Sons. If you schedule our installation service, we will let you know the exact size your system should have. We also offer the services mentioned below:

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