Reasons Why Your AC Sounds Like It’s Bubbling

When you hear a bubbling noise from your AC system, it is an indication of water or coolant leakage. Ignoring this bubbling or hissing sound can lead to excessive power consumption, resulting in higher AC running costs and the need for AC replacement soon.

Before you schedule AC repair in Apple Valley, CA, you should try to find the cause of the bubbling sound and see if it’s something you can fix on your own. The cause of odd AC noises can determine whether a repair is required or if the system just requires a thorough cleaning. Here are the main reasons why your AC sounds like it’s bubbling:

• Faulty Condensate Pump

The condensate pump expels the excess moisture and helps in proper drainage. If damaged, it will contribute to ice build-up on coils and leakage.

This can result in your AC system emitting a bubbling noise. The best way to fix a faulty condensate pump is by scheduling an appointment for AC repair in Apple Valley, CA.

• Cracked Drip Pan

The drip pan collects excess water for drainage. If the drip pan is broken, your AC will leak water and make a bubbling sound.

• Leaking Refrigerant

Dirty coils, cracked drip pans, clogged drain lines, etc., are issues that can clog the coolant flow. This clogging will produce a bubbling sound.

AC problems are more common in cooling units that lack annual air conditioner services in Apple Valley, CA

Solutions to AC Making Bubbling Sounds

It is always better to detect and try to fix the problem yourself before contacting a technician for air conditioning repair in Apple Valley, CA. Here are tips that can help you get rid of the bubbling sound from your AC system:

• Clear The AC Blockage

The dirt accumulation in AC affects the refrigerant flow, and coolant leakage is the most common outcome of this issue. If you schedule annual air conditioning services in Apple Valley, CA, our professionals will thoroughly clean your AC and prevent clogging from occurring.

In addition to scheduling professional cleaning services, you need to ensure you replace your air filters often. The climate, family members, filter size, and pets all determine the frequency of air filter replacement.

• Replace The Broken Drip Pan

If the crack on the drip pan is leaking water, you should schedule an air conditioner Apple Valley, to have it replaced. If you do not replace it on time, the leaking water will ruin your AC system.

• Schedule Repair Service

If you have cleaned the AC and sealed the cracks and your system is still producing a bubbling noise, you need the assistance of our experienced professionals.

The best thing to do in this situation is to schedule an appointment with our technicians for air conditioning repair in Apple Valley, CA.

Central Air Conditioning Repair In Apple Valley, CA

In addition to bubbling noises, the AC can rattle, click, buzz, bang, etc. These noises should never be ignored. Hire our NATE-certified technicians at Masco & Sons to improve your HVAC’s cooling and heating performance. We have 25 years of experience in HVAC solutions and indoor air quality services.

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