Saving Energy When Heating Your Home

The HVAC system accounts for half of the total energy costs that you incur during the summer and the winter seasons. Therefore, you should handle the heating system carefully to maintain a check on the energy consumption. 

This article will provide you with the simple methods you can apply to cut down your utility bills and heating charges.  

  • Sealing The Drafts In Windows And Doors 

Any gaps between the windows, palates, and doors of your house can lead to the escape of heat provided by the furnace. Due to this, your furnace keeps running for more time until it reaches the optimum temperature. The excess running time has a direct impact on the utility bills. Our top-notch service of heating services Apple Valley CA, Fontana will give you an incredible feeling of having the best comfort heating system.

You should ensure that all such cracks or gaps in your windows and doors are sealed by weather stripping and that your home is completely insulated. 

  • Schedule A Regular Maintenance 

If you keep using your furnace without cleaning it or getting it serviced, it starts to lose its efficiency rapidly. For example, by over utilizing your furnace without maintenance, the system’s efficiency is reduced by 40%.

If the system loses its efficiency, then you start noticing a spike in your utility bills. To avoid this problem, you need to contact Fontana’s heating services and complete maintenance. By scheduling maintenance twice a year, you can cut down a considerable amount of charges you spend on utility bills. 

  • Replacing The Bulbs 

Replacing your bulbs with fluorescent bulbs is one of the ideal choices. The fluorescent bulbs consume less energy and cut down your utility charges to a great extent. Though the bulbs are more expensive than the standard bulbs, they will be economical in the long run. 

Your bills start reducing as well as the lights get brighter. It is an overall efficient package that is worth investing in for saving energy.

  • Reducing The Temperature Of The Water Heater 

This is one of the most beneficial systems to cut down your utility bills. The factory settings are such that the temperature is about 140 degrees, which is not required. However, you could manually reduce the temperature and get it down to 120 degrees, the ideal safe temperature.

If you have kids at home, having your water heater at an extremely high temperature is not favorable as this might cause severe burns. Therefore by lowering the temperature, the consumption of the energy is also reduced to a great extent.

  • Installing A Programmable Thermostat 

A programmable thermostat helps you to cut down your utility bills to a great extent. It benefits in improving the temperature according to the weather outside. It also helps lower the temperature from time to time according to the presence of the members at home. 

This alteration of temperature saves a lot of energy, and you get a favorable utility cost. You can contact the heating repair Apple Valley CA, Fontana, and get the thermostat installed.

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