The Latest Options for AC Replacement

Summer season is just around the corner. People are either calling technicians to maintain their ACs or are planning to replace their old ACs. AC replacement is a thought which does not come into the minds of AC owners. People usually repair their old ACs to keep them working. But replacing old ACs is a beneficial option. Old ACs harm the environment and Ozone layer, but the efficiency of old ACs is low. Old ACs also take a significant toll on the electricity bill

Replacing old ACs with new ones having the latest HVAC technology will protect the Ozone layer, work more efficiently, and not consume much electricity. However, before replacing the old ACs, the owners should keep some necessary points in mind before reaching out to any buyer. Some of them are

  • Refrigerants Used: The new ACs with the latest HVAC technology use refrigerants like R410a that do not harm the environment. These latest refrigerants also have much higher cooling efficiency than the old ones like R22.
  • Energy Efficiency: Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) is a ratio to measure the cooling efficiency of any AC. It ranges from 13 to 25+. The old ACs had the SEER of 7-10, which is not a very good ratio. The latest ACs have a SEER of more than 16, which implies that their cooling efficiency is much better than the old models.
  • Variable Fan Speeds: The new models of ACs provide variable fan speeds suitable for hotter temperatures, whereas the old models usually had one or two speeds which did not help in cooling the room. Variable speeds mean less energy consumption and more cooling.
  • Latest Compressors: Old compressors are usually single-step compressors, which make noise, consume more electricity, and do not control the moisture on humid days. The new compressors have the latest technology, which allows them to function even at less capacity. The latest compressors do not make much noise, use less electricity, and handle moisture well on hotter days.
  • Ductwork Options: ACs with old HVAC technology used sheet metal ducts. Though they are tough and sturdy, they make a lot of noise and do not insulate in any way, which causes loss of cool air. Sheet metal ducts also declined the efficiency of the models. The new ACs with the latest HVAC technology have two ductwork options available better than the sheet metal ducts. Fiberglass-lined or fiberboard ducts used in the latest models of ACs are noise-free with higher efficiency. The flexible ducting work also gives options for creating curves in small spaces. Denim duct wrap is also used. This is not only environmentally friendly but also prevents moisture and works as an excellent insulator.

If you wish to replace your AC with the HVAC technology latest to avail of all these benefits, visit Masco & Sons and give them a call for your AC replacement Apple Valley CA, Fontana. Their experienced and trained staff will provide you with the latest ACs that fit your budget and give maximum benefits.

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