Why Should You Replace Your HVAC Unit Before 2022 Ends?

If your old HVAC system is still working, you might be wondering why you should replace it. If it’s broken, AC replacement in Apple Valley, CA can help. 

Why bother replacing your old AC unit even if it continues to work? 

We understand that HVAC systems are not inexpensive. However, there are numerous reasons why investing in a new HVAC system makes sense, ranging from energy efficiency to smart device integration.

What Role Does HVAC Play During COVID-19?

  • Ventilation:

Indoor pollutants in an air conditioner in Apple Valley are diluted by bringing outside air inside. The ratio of outdoor to indoor air is determined by the size of the equipment, its energy consumption, and building regulations.

  • Filtration:

Depending on the filter efficiency, particles of various sizes are trapped. Filters remove finer particles with a higher Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV). Cross infections are less likely when particles are reduced.

  • Air Distribution:

Air distribution is a significant factor in the spread of contaminants or the limitation of their space within a facility. By minimizing the stack effect and using properly designed pressure controls, the spread of pathogens from one room to another can be slowed by venting.

Postponing the HVAC Replacement in 2022: Wise or Not?

  • Component Shortage

Some components used to manufacture air conditioners in Apple Valley are in short supply. Aside from HVAC, the chip shortage is a global issue that affects various industries, including automotive and electronics. So, the cost of these products has risen, putting a strain on both the company and the end-user.

  • COVID-19 Precautions

The COVID-19 pandemic brought many industries across the country to a halt. The HVAC industry, unfortunately, was no exception. As the production of HVAC equipment slowed, so did the facilities’ production. There is currently a shortage of readily available products compared to demand. 

More people entrust their breathing air to specialty products like advanced filtration and other IAQ devices. AC repair in Apple Valley, CA companies will find it more challenging to meet customer needs as quickly as they were pre-pandemic.

  • Supply Chain Issues

Manufacturing of HVAC equipment, including furnaces, air conditioners, and ductless products, was halted for a significant period due to the pandemic, which caused shutdowns at most manufacturing facilities that build HVAC equipment, including furnaces conditioners, and ductless products. When the manufacturing facilities could reopen, an imbalance was present between demand and supply for HVAC equipment.

  • The Cost of Raw Materials is Rising

Metals like steel and copper are costly in modern HVAC equipment. Plastics and even finished electronics like microchips and semiconductors are essential materials. These two elements are tough to come by.

  • Worker Shortage

Many industries are experiencing a labor shortage, which has slowed HVAC equipment production. Furthermore, the trucking industry is experiencing a labor shortage, resulting in overcrowded shipping ports and longer shipping times. It’s worth noting, however, that many HVAC distributors are doing everything they can to meet demand.

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